We offer our clients comprehensive landscape design, construction, and maintenance services. We believe it is through the careful combination and integration of plants and materials in context that a landscape finds harmony. With the diverse skill set of our crew and collaborators, we would love to help you realize your garden dreams regardless of scale or scope.

  • Plants

    Providing food, scent, enclosure, refuge, beauty and even sound; plants have an integral and dynamic role in our lives and landscapes. Through careful selection of plants and consideration of context, communities and lifestyles, our planting designs begin with a concept and our installations always start with the soil. Proper plant care and garden maintenance ensure healthy garden development into the future.

  • Water

    Whether it's the soothing trickle of a small fountain, a rain garden soaking up heavy winter rains, or irrigation for thirsty summer plants,water is an essential component of every garden and project. We will help you work with it to enrich your landscape and maximize the potential of your property.

  • Wood

    From the construction of decks, fences and arbors to the design of custom gates, garden structures and even saunas, our crew includes a talented woodworker and is eager to tackle a wide array of carpentry projects.

  • Stone

    The bones of a garden are often built with stone. Walls, stairs, patios or pathways, the natural beauty and enduring appeal of weathered stone enhances almost any landscape project. It is the most timeless of materials and strong garden bones built with stone will be enjoyed for many years.

  • Design

    From the collection of site inventory information and the preparation of detailed construction plans to loose, conceptual sketches, our designers are also builders and are well equipped to provide a diverse range of design services. If you're looking for a water feature sketch or a master plan for a forested retreat, please call on us. We would love to help!